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Friday, October 21, 2016

Off the Beaten Path

A number of quilters in our area can be identified by these:

Aren't they fun? 

Katie revealed her donation for the SIREN tea last night prior to the auction beginning. She hates it. I love it! I'd almost like to learn how to like tea just to take a crack at purchasing this lovely piece.

SIREN Donation Quilt
Last years UFO auction set an all time record high (monetarily-wise). Last nights auction probably set an all time low. Only 13 participants and under $200 earned. It's kind of disheartening I think. But I have no control over others and it is what it is.

Today I'm here alone--and I was awake early this morning. Quiet. Threads. Machines. Fabric. And, it's pizza day! What could be better? 

Well, sewing with friends could make it much better, but I'll take this today since I'm still kind of behind the eight ball. Some unexpected events occurred yesterday to disrupt what I had planned, but today should be virtually interruption free. I hope. 

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