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Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Catching Up Again

Since last Thursday, here are the previous days in a nutshell.

Friday was sew-in and then off to work. I worked a little on my Witches at sew-in, but that's about it.

Saturday was spent in class with Lenore Crawford. What an enlightening day!

Class Participants anxiously waiting to dig in

Lenore Crawford delivering her intro
Sunday I was at work all day.'s my BOD's for the past week (I spent Sunday and Monday morning getting caught up on the five I needed to do since Thursday).

October 12-18
Then I struggled with DW completing this for MJ.

Happy Halloween!
Actually, it went fine until I got to the last square and a half. Then the tension started looping again. Jim and I played with the tension assembly (again) and without going into a lot of detail, Chris, from Friends Quilting Basket out of Lake Odessa is coming next Monday to take a look at the machine. Gall doesn't want to seem to come out here and I don't want to haul the machine into them again; it never acts up at their shop.

Jim gave me the go-ahead to get Chris out here and quite honestly, Jim's pretty disenchanted with Gall for the time being. We'll see what Chris does and how DW acts after he leaves. I gotta do something because I'm starting to hate my long arm. Which is NOT good.

Later today I'm at work. I'll spend this morning puttering around the studio working on my flower from Saturday, my BOD, my other project I started, etc. until I have to take off for the rest of the day.

Tomorrow I'll not be around either. Mom wants to head to Ikea in Canton. See you on Thursday.

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