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Thursday, October 13, 2016

More Quilt Surgery

This is how my afternoon/evening began.

I inserted the Eiffel Towers into Susan's quilt. All was well. I set in the cross hatching on the first Eiffel Tower. It looked good from behind after checking it...and then this. I had loosened up the tension JUST A BIT because I kept getting a 'broken thread' message from DW, but the thread wasn't actually broken. And we looped. We looped through the rest of the first Eiffel Tower and again all through the second.

Pick, pick, and more pick. It took until early evening to get it all undone and then we tried again (after tightening up the tension once more). Success after three tries. How frustrating.

On a more positive note, her Patriot quilt is completed and it looks marvelous!

Susan's Patriot Quilt
Here's my little helper. She often camps out here in the studio on my old show blanket basking in the sunbeams.

Lily loves the sun
Today will not be spent in the studio, but will be spent working on quilting things. Mom and I are running the roads and while we are out and about I'll pick up supplies needed for our class on Saturday. I only need a few items since I have most all other required things. And tonight is our guild meeting so I won't see the house again until much later in the evening.

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