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Saturday, October 1, 2016


Frankenstein has nothing on my kitty. :-)

We made these cute little ornaments on Thursday at our guild meeting. Thank you Mary Jean for heading this project up!

After returning home from work yesterday evening I started right in on my BOD. Of course, it was a huge 12 1/2" block and I'm still working on it.

I need to finish that up, make todays block, and then get right into the two customer quilts that are due ASAP for our paint chip challenge on Thursday. The customers will still need to bind and label their pieces before the meeting so I have to get right on this today.

The pieces initially look pretty small (I haven't even opened either one to take a look yet), so I don't know if DW will actually handle the quilting or whether I'll just get them both under Mike. The problem with Mike is that I quilt really close with him and it takes me a LLLLLOOOONNNNGGGG time to complete a piece. Perhaps I need to gear that back a smidge?

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