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Wednesday, October 26, 2016

6 Hours...

...and $$$$$ later, we have DW working like new again!

Chris was from a different shop then where DW was purchased. This is why the cost. Had I had Gall do the work on the machine, the cost would probably have been less because I would have taken him in rather then having a home visit. BUT, the machine would likely not have been fixed. Been there. Done that.

What did Chris do all day? Here's an abbreviated list:
Fixed spring assembly
Updated Prostitcher (and then broke the computer running the machine, but a new one is coming from HQ)
Disassembled the whole hook assembly, cleaned it, and then reassembled
Adjusted the needle height
Adjusted tension on bobbin winder and,
He killed a fly. :-)

He did a lot of other little things and we worked together to find out DW no longer likes Madiera thread. AT ALL! No matter what we did he would loop stitches on the back. Any other thread in my menagerie he's fine with, but every Madiera thread we stuck on him he would loop. Anybody need about 9 cones of really nice Madiera thread? I have four that are unopened that I'll take back to Gall.

The good news is now he really likes So Fine! thread, which I would rather have him like. Except, it's not as readily available to me and will have to get on-line to order some up to replace the Madiera I've weeded out.

Chris said to stitch for a bit with other threads and then maybe reintroduce the Madiera back in. I may play with it a bit if I have time this morning before I head to Portland to class (it was switched to Wed. this month). But, I have a new customer coming this morning so I may run out of time before I have to take off. Otherwise, I'll play with it later this afternoon when I return home.

At any case, we have some pretty nice stitches happening here and the machine sounds great. Hurray!

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