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Saturday, October 29, 2016


I think I've found a correlation between hot flashes and anxiety. When I could hear DW snapping those threads around the hook assembly (and making those damn loops) I would get very anxious and then I'd have a huge hot flash. When DW was quilting along fine, we'd be in our little happy groove and everything was fine; no hot flashes.

After fidgeting and fixing the machine yesterday, I was only able to get about 2/3 of the quilt completed for the customer who wanted it by today. If I didn't have to head to work this morning, it would be done before the days end. She wanted to put it into a quilt show next weekend but I'm just not so sure anymore.

I'm off tomorrow, but then have to work again on Monday. I love my job, but working is stupid, especially when it interferes with my quilting and quilt making. We may have to re-think this whole working thing.

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  1. I went to the craft show at the senior center today; was talking to one of the ladies there and mentioned that I have a long arm (ok it's a MID arm, but most people don't know the difference). Her eyes lit up! She wanted to know what I charge for doing a king size... told her I wasn't sure... she doesn't want a lot of quilting done on it ( just enough to hold it together she said). She has already talked with Linda B and found out it would cost her I think she said $300 to have Linda do it. She didn't want to spend even two hundred on it. I asked her "If you've put all that time and work into it, why wouldn't you want to have it quilted like it should be?" I think she got to thinking on that... anyway I told her that I wasn't sure my machine would take a king size and gave her your name & number ( I'm going to start asking for a referral fee lol).