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Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Windows, Doors, and Quilts, Oh My!

Quilting construction pretty much came to a halt for a time. Classes, Quilt U, and house construction occupied the better part of the past week and half. Here's a glimpse of the window installation.

Something's missing here

Taking out the old picture window

Brand new, clean, windows in the studio
The picture window, which was located on the right, was replaced with three double hung windows that I can actually open.

Once the guys left from the windows installation, I had a brief morning to load this quilt onto DW before all the classes/Quilt U started up. While the sliding glass door was installed the following day after Quilt U I finished this up for charity.

Charity Lap Quilt for the VA
I didn't load anything else yesterday on DW because I spent some of it on my Arcadia Avenue May BOM. This one is called Blooming and it has 132 pieces.

The remainder of yesterday was taken up with a pattern I picked up when I went to Chicago. I'll show you Eliza tomorrow, but I have to admit, she is simply adorable.

I have Stitchers Garden today and probably won't get much done in here for that reason.

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