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Thursday, May 7, 2015

Here's the Lesson of the Day

Do not use substandard fabrics on a piece that means something to you...especially when trying to square up individual blocks and making sashing pieces to further square up the whole quilt.

Exhibit A:

The Garden Quilt
Notice the thin blue sashing pieces between each of the center blocks? The directions gave cutting sizes for each block and then after trimming down to the appropriate size, adding the blue sashing strip to each piece where needed. I only have a limited number of light blues in my stash, and I KNEW this was probably not a wise decision, but put it on the cutting mat anyway.

And, then I put it under my needle. And then I kept on repeating this insanity. When I got to the red/white checkered blocks in the second border section, things did not fit together as well as they should have. And, of course, like everything else, small problems compound into larger ones and suffice it to say, the last sections with the topiary trees, shovel, pitchfork, etc. were really becoming an issue once we arrived to that point.

Oh the colorful language coming out of my head yesterday. I was so frustrated I actually finished this top and promptly went out to weed the fruit plants. Yep, ya heard it here folks...I opted for working outside instead of in my studio. Lesson learned and now that fabric is living permanently in the trash can. (No, I won't even use it in a scrap quilt because it's that bad).

I forgot to mention this was now finished. This is my dad around the mid-70's. He's already taken a gander at this as I was constructing it, but I put the textile medium around it, shadowed it where needed, and added the rat tail border around the edges. I really enjoyed doing this type of art quilt and will be attempting another one like it for our picnic guild challenge.

Did a few yard sales this morning with mom and have to get ready for our new windows this coming Tuesday; which means more studio shifting for a few days.

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