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Saturday, May 2, 2015

I love/hate electronics!

I love my iPad, my iMac, and my iPhone. I even like my little laptop PC as well as the Acer computer on my long arm. Except when they act like little gremlins; then I want to just chuck 'em across the hayfield.

My iPad started acting up a few weeks ago. The iPad guy was supposed to come and get it Thursday. He still hasn't called/shown. Now, my phone is being dumb. Jim has had to use it a few nights this week since he seems to "forget" his up at his big truck. My iMac is having hard drive issues. Where does it end?

After resetting the phone it seems to be working okay now. The iPad and the Mac are another thing. I think we need professional intervention where they're concerned.

I did get Make It My Way quilted out yesterday, but haven't attached the binding yet, so no pic. Nothing else was really accomplished in here because Make It My Way was custom quilted. I have a LOT of little things on my pressing table that need to be taken care of (Quilt U, art quilt, dolly quilt, and border material) so I think today we'll get those organized and/or finished.

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