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Thursday, May 21, 2015

Meet Eliza

Isn't she cute? I know Tuesday is not normally small project day, but after working on the May BOM Arcadia Avenue block it was only early afternoon and there was still time to work on something small. Since I don't have a lot in the works right now, this seemed like a fun option.

The sales guy in Chicago told me it would only take about an hour to complete. Really? An hour? More like four hours because it was my first time constructing something like this. I had to read each step about a dozen times to make sure I got it right. Even then and well into construction of her, knew I was going to have to "wing" a few things.

Eliza the Chicky
Yesterday was Stitchers Garden class and we had a blast. I actually completed most of the block after I got home last night and have since finished all my homework for next months block. The owner of the shop told us yesterday she was going to possibly offer a Stitchers Garden II in the near future! Fun! Fun! Fun!

DW has a new outfit on this morning and I'm going to work on that and possibly my ASQ BOM Dale gave to us a few weeks ago. Actually, I think I'll start with that this morning and work my way into long-arming later after lunch.

We finally get to exchange our Row by Row's tonight. I'm so excited to see everybody's reactions to all the rows I made for them. Hopefully they are up to each persons standards and I hope I get my tote back as well.

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