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Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Happy 21 Son!

Today is my youngest sons 21st birthday! My youngest is 21!!!!!!!! I'll be popping into East Lansing to celebrate it with him and my 2nd son tomorrow. He has to work later today so we'll celebrate a day late.

Our family is like that. Dates don't mean a whole lot. We've always had jobs or activities requiring us to be somewhat flexible in holiday/special day celebrations and this is no exception. It doesn't mean the day isn't important; quite the contrary actually. But life has a way of wiggling into things and we just work with it, instead of against.

Like my blog posts. This weekend was filled with family, food, and fun. We worked and played all weekend and not much time was spent in here doing quilt things. It was good to get back yesterday!

Here's what I've been up to:

I stumbled on this little fabric box yesterday while listening to YouTube videos. It sparked my attention and I watched the whole video through to see if this was some little project I could whip out, which, of course, took longer then expected, but cute nonetheless.

Fabric Box
Prior to working on the box, I worked on a few more of these:

Just getting started
This is something I started on Friday morning. Forty of these have to be made and then 56 counter pieces to add to the arcs will be made over the next whenever.

This is a Judy Niemeyer pattern I've had laying around since about October. I was waiting to purchase fabrics to work on the pattern, but then saw a "scrappy" version of the very same pattern at the Chicago show. I decided I could pull all my batiks together and make what I could out of those instead. So far I've only had a few "shortness" issues, but think I've got them all worked out in my head.

And finally...
Strings and Prairie Points
...last night, the string quilt with embedded prairie points was taken off DW. Here it is as completed.

I love string quilts! Probably because I'm more partial to the scrappy look of quilts and find these not only pretty to look at, but very utilitarian as well.

Today will be more arc construction and then who knows where I'll go. It's a mystery for sure!

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