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Thursday, May 28, 2015

Mice and Lightning

Yesterday, during lunch, we had a round of three thunderstorms pass on through. Right after the first one hit, we lost our internet.

Today, while AT&T is here diagnosing the issue, informed me we are way over our upgrade capacity, and, Mr. Mousey decided to chew a hole in some of the wiring down the road (again). We seem to be back again and therefore, the late post today.

Mr. Mouse's wire is fixed, Jason, from AT&T is downgrading our most recent upgrade (which is some of why we were bogging down) and all is well again with our technology.

Ugh...I just get my iPad back and then this happens. What next?

Yesterday was much of what I did the previous day: Long arming, Judy Niemeyer, and string blocks, and today seems to be exactly the same.

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