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Friday, May 1, 2015


This is an original design by Jenny Doan from Missouri Star Quilt Company. At least up to where I am is her design. She has the last border as the same as one of the fabrics within the blocks inside, but I don't want/have the desire to do that. I want to do something different.

This is what I worked on yesterday, and until this point, I've pretty much followed the pattern.
Magic Diamonds
I think with the leftover charm squares and yellow yardage I'll make some larger HST's and incorporate them into a wider border. Perhaps I should put this away for a bit and think about it.

Guild last night was fun listening to the ladies who just returned from Paducah and all they saw and bought. We have a block of the month we'll be doing from May through October and we were able to select a quilt design and size we'd like to do. 

Still need to long arm on Make it My Way (this one seems to be taking an extra long time and it isn't really that big of a quilt?!?), and I have two charity quilt kits sitting here begging me to dig into them; amongst other things. 

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