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Wednesday, May 27, 2015


It would seem the process of making a quilt is boring. Sew, sew, sew. Take out a few seams. Sew some more, and some more. And then some more. And even the pieces of the quilt can seem pretty boring, especially when using the same background fabric throughout.

But I love it. While I am a lively person naturally, something about putting fabric and thread together keeps me a little less wiggy and it keeps me calm. Each piece may seem insignificant; each seam or thread may seem insignificant, but when put together, they combine together to make meaning.

Yesterday I worked on two projects that are going to take some time to complete. I'll pursue them for the next couple of weeks and still don't know if completion will be obtained. They aren't complex pieces; in fact, they are quite easy to construct. Most of what I do in here truly is easy to complete. But it's the process and the steps taken to make a whole which makes all the pieces come together.

Between each of my two "easy" projects, I loaded DW with a new outfit. The borders are started already and I hope to start the yellow section today.

Braided in Yellow
I may venture outside of the two projects I worked on yesterday; it depends on my artistic mood and where I feel like going. Many things will slant which way I tend to wander during my time in here each day. Things like the weather, phone calls, what's on Pandora or the YouTube channels, who comes to visit or what's happening around the place, or, what errands I have to run that day.

For now, I'll continue to grow and enjoy life. I'm thankful for all I have available to me for my artistic expression. I don't know how many care/appreciate what I do, but I'm through trying to understand or figure this out. This is what I want to do; putting pieces of fabric together to make something whole. You do your thing...I'll do mine. It's differences in each of us that piece us all together to make something great.

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