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Tuesday, May 5, 2015


So much since Saturday morning; at least to me it's a lot.

Here are the borders decided on for the yellow quilt designed by Jenny Doan at MSQC. What do you think?

Magic Diamonds
I'll need to hunt around for a backing for this, but it's done for the time being.

On to the next project; Make it my Way.

While I was finishing up the Make it my Way quilt, Jim was working in the studio with me. But, he wasn't working on "quilting" stuff, per se, but rather the lighting replacement for the temporary lights he put in here when we initially moved in.

The old fixture wiring dangling between the new track rail

The first rail and wow! Look how long!

Getting the third rail in 

Isn't this awesome?
After he put the new lighting in (notice the third rail has no lights yet), I could immediately tell a difference in the perspective of color and hue in here. It was a "studio" before, but now, with the amazing new lighting, it truly is a STUDIO!!!!

Make it my Way
I did this why Jim was finishing up the lighting project. This quilt may end up going to the reunion. I don't know?!? It's quilted really nice and I love it's scrappiness, but...I just can't put my finger on it really. I just don't know, ya know?

Remember before when I pointed out the third rail didn't have any lights attached? Apparently there was a construction snafu requiring us to run into town yesterday morning to get a replacement, and I needed to pick up Quilt U supplies for Dales class anyway, so off to BC we went.

After we returned home and ate some lunch, Jim was off to work, and I headed in here to start on a old/new project: The Garden Quilt by Amy Bradley. This is the pattern I loaned to my friend a while ago and it took her a little while to return to me. Until I got the pattern back it's just been hanging around on the UFO shelves patiently waiting.

Since I was so engrossed in what I was doing in here, I totally forgot to blog (or do anything else for that matter). I'll continue on with the blocks in the Garden Quilt today and maybe get that pieced together after I get all the appliqué completed (most of the quilt is appliquéd). DW is currently naked, but hopefully I'll have that remedied by this afternoon.

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