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Saturday, December 6, 2014


It's interesting how my days and weeks go. Some days are quiet and virtually project-free; not that I don't have projects to do, but rather the lack of resources to complete said projects.

Then there is now. All of a sudden, after Thursday night, I have a multitude of projects staring me in the face for the upcoming holiday; and even projects not holiday related. Like the Bonnie Hunter mystery quilt I'm doing. It's not remotely holiday related but will have weekly homework to complete. Just released yesterday was 200 more blocks.

My Stitcher's Garden November block was delivered Thursday night and that has to be completed before too long. Once again, not holiday related at all.

I was handed a dinosaur-themed charity quilt to complete for the guild also on Thursday night. That one won't take long and it's a project I can work on in my leisure. Hurray!

What about the string quilt I do a block on each day (or at least try to anyway)?

Then we get to the holiday stuff. My MIL's top is now on DW and here's an idea of how it's being quilted.

Anns quilt motifs
The pic didn't turn out as good as the camera looked like it would, but feathers were put in both the black borders, e's and l's in what should have been a flange, but ended up turning out to be a slim border, and swirls in each of the star block rows. The weather today is really gloomy so my flash washed out the pic.

I'm having to do three thread changes throughout the quilt depending on which of the sections I'm working on, so that takes a little more time. And why is it that it takes so long to set the first border in? Must be a quilters rule or something?!

While Big Socks, Little Socks isn't for anybody in particular for the holidays, it turned out to be very holiday themed.

Big Socks, Little Socks
This quilt turned out nice and snuggly. I quilted it pretty loose so somebody could cozy up to it during the cold winter months. I had every intention to sell/give this one away, but I may have to rethink that.

Speaking of which...I somehow wonder why people don't understand just how much time really goes into a quilt; any quilt, no matter its size. Not only the physical aspect of putting a quilt together in each of the blocks that make up the quilt, but the time spent thinking about how to construct it from start to finish. It's not like we just up and decide to sew something just to sew. There is so much planning in color, block placement, construction tactics, etc. invested in each piece we make. Let's not even get into the quilting portion once the block construction is completed.

Today must be my day to ask questions I'm certain will not get answered any time soon...if ever, but ya gotta wonder how to share the information recipients should be educated in knowing? Yet another question.

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