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Thursday, December 18, 2014

Circular Attachment

If you ever have the ability to learn how to use this bad boy, do it! I'm sure there's some kind of YouTube video for your machine on how your particular attachment works on it.

If you don't have this attachment, find somebody you know who does and watch it work. It's truly an underutilized piece of equipment our sewing machines have the capability of using.

We had a long session yesterday during our Stitcher's Garden class where Kathy demonstrated how her Bernina attachment worked, and then we were let loose on our own machines. Unfortunately, Mike does not have this attachment. Fortunately, Laura does, and so I ended up taking her yesterday.

Kathy even showed how to use painters tape, a thumb tack, and an eraser to make your own circular attachment. It didn't work as well, but students were at least allowed to play with it during class if their machine did not have the attachment.

After watching the in-class demo and playing with Laura (who no longer stitches very well due to her overuse), I came home and found out Mike has the capability for facilitating one, but no attachment came with him. This is something I'll add to my wish list for future gift giving. It's an expensive part; around $50, but the project possibilities are endless with all the stitches both Mike and Laura have to offer on their respective machines.

Caleb is now home for the holiday's so maybe my Christmas spirit will start to pick up a bit. Packages are arriving daily from around the U.S. and there is a brisk chill in the air. We even see a snowflake or two floating down from the sky.

Tonight is our Guild Christmas party. It'll depend on how much Amish Star long arming I get done whether I attend or not. Sew-In is this weekend and I can't very well take DW along for the ride, so today will be spent mostly on my feet in front of him to get this very special Christmas present completed.

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