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Thursday, December 11, 2014


One thing accomplished yesterday. I was so into what it was I was doing that I never took lunch until way past 1:30. I couldn't believe what time it was when I looked at the clock.

Here's what a quilt looks like when it's all pinned and ready to get quilted on my sewing machine.

Pinning a quilt
You can see my chalk markings for the quilting, which is a wise thing to do prior to pinning the quilt.

And, then I changed my mind.

This quilt has a lot of bulky seams. Probably due to the curves and the method of construction, and I was concerned Mike would have trouble traversing said seams. I was also concerned about the size. As I was pinning I was having to shift the quilt quite a bit to get all the pins set in and this told me it was probably a little too big to put under Mike.

So, I unpinned.

And then I loaded it onto DW. I've been watching a number of videos on YouTube and Craftsy on free motion quilting and thought to myself, 'Hey, I need to practice. I don't really like this piece so it won't matter if I mess it up. Go for it.'

All of yesterday was school. Schooling in how to travel. Schooling in how to flip motifs in my head and then transfer to my hands. Schooling in how to fit motifs into tight (or loose) spots. Schooling in speed of quilting. Schooling in taking breaks and doodling designs before actually quilting them.

I took my time. I played. I LOVED it! And, the piece didn't turn out too awful bad. Maybe I'll even share it tonight with the Guild just to prove I got the dumb thing done and it's off my to-do list.

Oh wait, the binding. And it has to be washed. All the glue stick spots are pretty prevalent so I have to wash it before I can share it. It's still early. I should be able to make it if I get off my computer and actually do something. :-D

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