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Saturday, December 27, 2014

Christmas Gifts

I love to give gifts. Especially a quilt. The expression on a person for the split second of recognition is priceless to me and while the novelty wears off quickly, I still have that special look embedded in my brain.

Very few people realize just how much time is spent creating a quilt. I know my recipients appreciate them and most will cherish and use them as intended so it is that one brief moment of facial surprise and appreciation why I do this every day.

Here are the three full-size quilts made this year for my father, my mother-in-law, and my mom.

Ann's Amish Stars

Pete's Amish Stars

Judy's Full Circle
I received some amazing gifts this year too. Classes, books, and supplies to continue in my long-arm adventures.

When DW turned 1 year old (at least the one year he has been in our house), he and I worked through 75 quilts. 75! Can you believe it?

What's more amazing is that I finally feel like I'm JUST getting the hang of this long-arming thing. It's harder then it looks and the instructors and other long armers out there aren't kidding when they say it just takes LOTS and LOTS of cursive writing.

I want to create some amazing things this year. Angela Walters said something like this in one of the three books I received: When the quilting is laid down on the top, it's an extension of the artistic power of what has already been created.

I continue through my 2014 Mystery Quilt from Bonnie Hunter and am still working on creating a second BOM from 2012 Craftsy so I can practice both my DSM quilting skills in a quilt-as-you-go method, as well as on DW with the same blocks.

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