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Sunday, December 7, 2014

Better Pic

People on the Quiltville thread in FB are including pics of their sewing room/studio pets. I did not include this pic, but the day after everybody posted theirs, this is where I snapped Lily snoozing while I was working away. She loves to be under the long arm.

My little studio friend

Here's a better pic of how the MIL's quilt is coming along. I'm doing it entirely free motion, thanks to Dale and her encouragement from Thursday night. I'm lucky to have such a talented quilter close by to tap into for information and enlightenment. She truly is such a humble artist and so willing to share anything she can to current/future quilters.

Quilting in the MIL's quilt
21 units for the second step in our MQ were done yesterday; only 79 more to go. I found a resource this morning (of course, after I cut up more fabric yesterday to complete said units) to make the second step even easier. Maybe next time I should wait a few days to see what others post to speed things along somewhat?

While I enjoy the process of making tops, sometimes just getting through a large amount of construction is the goal. Each unit for the second phase is a mystery on whether it will pair correctly, meet where it's supposed to and, moreover, whether it finishes at the correct size. They all seem to be off just a bit one way or another despite my construction being done the exact same way.

Off to the East Lansing Arts and Crafts show today with Jim and mom. Should find some good deals and maybe even some cool quilting-making ideas.

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