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Friday, December 12, 2014


My quilt bit me. Yep. It actually drew blood, and this time it wasn't my clumsiness in handling a pin or needle. Well, maybe it was my clumsiness, but not intentionally.

Somehow, while long arming this thing, a pin got stuck between the layers. It let me know about this yesterday while trimming binding threads. It poked me repeatedly and the final poke drew blood. I rooted out the source only to discover one of the flower-headed pins I use to attach to DW's leaders became dislodged (somehow) and ended up inside the quilted layers.

Long story short; after rummaging around here for a set of pliers to remove said pin (the flower heads easily separate from the metal shaft...thank goodness) all was well after the minor quilt surgery.

Here is the final quilting and now I can say farewell to a piece I never really liked from the start.

Rounded Feather


Fern Feather

Circular Feather

Corner Feather

Loops and Long Swirls

Partial Feathers, Long Swirls, and Fairy Swirls

The Final Pepperdish
I took it along to Guild and everybody seemed to like it. After having one of the girls hold it up at a distance it didn't seem too awful bad. I'm just glad it's over!

One to bigger and better things. Yeah!

Mystery Clue #3 is out and hallelujah, it's just simple strip piecing and block construction. 120 units all together so we'll be working on those today.

I have a small chevron quilt that I loaded onto DW yesterday just to do some more practice with. I love long-armer Angela Walters, and I luckily have one of her books in my possession; she is such an inspiration. I'm goofing around with as many of her motifs in her book within this little chevron quilt since it offers such versatility for play. I have no idea what I'm going to do with the quilt once it's finished, but we'll cross that road later I guess.

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