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Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Another Amish Star Quilt

My third; a Christmas gift for my father and after this one, I don't think I want to see another.

While they are beautiful quilts, I feel like I'm nearing "production" mode in having to make so many.

I know, three doesn't sound like a lot, but truthfully, making one quilt, let alone three of the same kind, is a LOT of work!

From previously, all the quilt tops were already completed. I needed backing fabric for the MIL's and my fathers. The MIL's quilt is on its way to Traverse City where she lives while I'm completing the second one here. Thank goodness!

The backing finally arrived on Saturday, and after getting the rest of the Christmas decorations up, the tree purchased, brought home, set up and decorated on Sunday, I was able to get back in here yesterday to continue on.

The first border, row one, and the first sashing were completed before retiring from DW. How come the first border(s) always take so long? It seems like I should have accomplished more after six hours on the machine, but nope, that's all I completed.

After that many hours, I decided I needed to do something else. While long arming, I was pondering what it was I was going to do, and even after shutting the machine down, still didn't know, so I made two more string blocks until I could make up my mind.

I love Amy Gibson, and she has been so busy with her family to really do a whole lot out there in cyberspace. But because I loved doing the BOM from 2012 on Craftsy, and I still have the class in my cue, decided to recreate another quilt using different colors. I still have the retro 20's prints left that Andrew purchased for me three years ago, and decided I had enough of those to head in that direction.

And, I'm using the Leah Day class to work out how to quilt the piece once each block is done. The first 2012 BOM was set into my exchange blocks with the Scrap Squad girls, and I'll long arm that the same way I'm going to DSM the new blocks I'm making.

The new blocks will be done more like a quilt-as-you-go method. In a nutshell; the large quilt with the added blocks will be more loosely quilted so the bed quilt will be all snuggly. It's larger anyway since 9 more blocks were added to it. The new quilt will be quilted a little tighter since I'll only be working with 12 1/2" blocks and can practice my micro quilting on Mike. Yeah! Now I have something to do to keep my mind off the fact not all the family will be together this holiday season.

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