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Thursday, December 4, 2014

Nearly Done

Big Socks, Little Socks is nearly completed. I only have to put the swirly circles in the last border and then I can take it off the frame. It took longer then I thought it would but after today, it should be history.

The debate still remains on whether to go ahead with the Pepperdish piece or to delve into my MIL's quilt. I know she won't be down state for a few more weeks yet, and I really want to see how the Pepperdish table topper will turn out once I get all those feathers into it.

Two more blocks completed on the string quilt yesterday and my string supply is actually becoming somewhat dented. I may have to pull from my 16-block pieces to get more.

Tomorrow is another clue in the Bonnie Hunter mystery quilt. So excited!

I have to start thinking about how to put my Sugar Block BOM's together now that it has come to a close and my blocks are all completed.

I'd like to research some additional BOM's for 2015 since the Sugar Blocks will not be offered next year. Amy has decided to take a year off so I'm without a direction in that respect.

The weather looks like it should be cooperating today so maybe I'll actually be able to attend my guild meeting tonight. I think I've only been once since before I went out to Cali. Ugh!

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