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Tuesday, December 9, 2014

I Actually Love Mondays!

Doesn't that sound weird? I really do love Mondays. We spend the weekend running around doing errands, and this time of year brings holiday shopping to the list.

After Jim leaves for work in the afternoon, I just cozy down into my studio and get so much done. Maybe that's why we need weekends; to rejuvenate our batteries to become more productive for the week ahead.

The MIL's quilt is completely quilted! I don't have the binding on so no pic yet, but soon. The quilting ended up being more then I had originally anticipated but I think it looks marvelous. I hope the woman appreciates all the time put into this thing since it's been in the works, off and on, for the past three months.

The Unit 2's for our Bonnie Hunter mystery quilt are in progress. These units take a long time to make and it's my goal today to get those finished. It's another dreary day, so time to crank up some Christmas music, turn on the sewing machine, and warm up that rotary cutter. Let the sewing marathon begin!

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