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Monday, November 21, 2016

Work, be Damned

Despite my having to work this past weekend, managing to get some sew-in time was still accomplished. Sunday, four of us decided to head to the library to sew and this is what was completed during the day.

First, my Christmas Tree. The top is nearly together.

Oh, Christmas Tree
Bard suggested I add a wonky appliqué star on the top and I think that's a wonderful idea, so before I set it on the frame, I'll do that. And...I was actually a little short on the bottom row so I have to add a strip and get it set in.

Before we ordered Cottage Inn Pizza (yum!) for lunch, I started on this piece. It was finished being put together prior to my leaving for the day so now all that has to be done is the snipping of the fabrics between each of the blocks.

Snuggly Rag Quilt
These are from all the flannels I've spent cutting up from the UFO auction last month. It's a pretty good sized quilt for a rag quilt and it'll certainly keep somebody warm enough. This may end up being the DeGroot Reunion donation this year.

Here's the latest on DW in a nutshell: Jim stopped by on Saturday and DW was still where I left him on Thursday afternoon. Untouched. Not worked on. Ignored. Jim and Jason went into Jason's office and shut the door. 45 minutes later they shook hands and left on amicable terms. The conclusion of the conversation was they had two goals to reach: Getting the machine back in perfect running order and in a timely manner, and making Colette happy again, because she certainly isn't right now.

Mike is going to spend all day today locked in his shop working uninterrupted on DW and it should be finished by days end. Huh, we'll see about that.

The bummer is this; today I have to close, tomorrow I have to open, and then Wednesday close again. I would have a 1/2 hour window to get the machine picked up on Tuesday (after work) but we have Thanksgiving to prepare so we'll just have enough time to get him out of the Jeep and back on his frame, but that's about it. Even if the machine gets done today, the earliest I get to "play" with him would be Sunday (and that schedule isn't even out yet so I may have to work on that day too). But, at least he'd be back home. More on the DW drama later this week.

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