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Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Real Quick

Just checking in real quick before heading off to work.

Here are last weeks BODs.

November 16-22
DW's updated status: Mike didn't come in on Monday (I guess he didn't feel good). When Jim spoke with Jason yesterday, the earliest DW may be coming home is this afternoon. Except I have to work.

Jim may run in and get him for me, IF he's done.

Which is really irrelevant since tomorrow is Thanksgiving (lots of people in the house and no time to long arm). I work Friday, (still people in the house), Saturday I'm supposed to go to a horse show with mom (and still people in the house), and Sunday I have to work (but people will be leaving).

Monday is my earliest long arming opportunity, and frankly, with the schedule around here for the next few days, I will probably spend a good amount of time Monday catching up on the previous weekends BODs.

At any case, have a happy Thanksgiving everybody. I truly am thankful for all my family, my quilting friends, and the opportunities I've been given this year. I'm just lucky to have a long arm at all since there are a lot of people who would love to have the ability to have one. Until next week, gobble, gobble!

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