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Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Is it Spring?

We are having unseasonably warm temps today and I hear Robins peep-peeping in the yard. Weird!

Here's what [little] I've been up to the past week.

Last weeks BODs.

November 23-29
But, despite my not doing much in here, DW is back home. He came home last Wednesday, but I didn't get to do anything with him until yesterday. He sounds great and is stitching like his old self again. Let's hope the new bobbin case, race, and hook assembly are what the issue was. And, he has a brand new tablet with mounting bracket too, which seem to be working just dandy.

So, this is what DW is now sporting today.

Susan K's Disappearing Pinwheel
I'm hoping the wind is kind to us and doesn't blow the power out again. We lost it last night for a while and it seems to be roaring out there today once again. This quilt is going to have an E2E via computer and electricity is good in this instance.

I started putting a Victorian Bear together last night. I'll chip away at that as time permits. I've also got my BOD center section on the design wall to start planning out all the little blue blocks I've been making the past three or so months. Plenty to do and so away I go.

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