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Sunday, November 6, 2016

Naughty Dog

Lily is not normally a naughty dog. She sleeps while I'm away and doesn't ever get into stuff. In fact, she won't even eat or drink in my absence; until recently.

What Lily did while I was at work
This is some batting I had hanging down from the arm on DW. Friday morning, when I started to work on the quilt that's currently loaded, I realized I had some batting pieces hanging around the dog bed shell I have laying underneath the long arm. I figured the shell was just leaking out onto the floor and I needed to re-stuff the thing. After further investigation, found this was destruction done by a little white dog named Lily.

I think she was a bit put off by me being gone both Wednesday night all night and all day on Thursday. I know now, that as long as I'm working outside of the home, things will have to be put up out of little white doggie reach.

I didn't get as much done Friday in here as I hoped. Mom and Chad stopped over for a visit and they were here for more then a few minutes.

Robert's Quilt
But, once they left, managed to get this completed. I've only been working on it since quilt camp back in August. Too long!

DW is stitching nicely and it was a relief and a huge pleasure to crank up the manual stitch mode to about 65% without having to worry about thread breaks or skipped/looping stitches. It would be nice to get another quilt loaded today, but work calls (again) from 12-9 so maybe tomorrow.

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