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Wednesday, November 2, 2016


Forgot to post these yesterday. Here's last weeks BODs.

October 26-November 1
DW News: He's fixed!!!!!!

Once again, without getting into a bunch and lots of detail, we ended up replacing the whole tension assembly and added a digital tension gauge to him. What a difference!

And now that he's fixed, I can play catch-up with some of my pieces that have been patiently waiting to get done. This is what I loaded yesterday afternoon.

What DW is wearing today
Unfortunately, I won't have time to do much work on this quilt today. Yesterday's BOD was painful (214 pcs) and I have to toddle off to work today at 11:30...and work until close tonight.

I have a few (3) customer quilts here yet to work on, but I want to make certain the long arm is indeed 100% before tackling another outside piece; and justifiably so I might add. I'll do a few of mine first over the next week and we'll see from there where we head.

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