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Thursday, November 17, 2016

Hunting Season

Opening day of firearm deer season was Tuesday. We've had family here since Monday evening out for the hunt and therefore, not much quilt work.

Managing a small project was about all that was accomplished. Here are the four new placemats in progress.

Four Bears
Work infringed on Tuesday and yesterday the completion of the four bears ensued.

This morning, DW is packed in the Jeep, and ready to head to East Lansing. I'm waiting for UPS to deliver all the parts needed to go with him. The parts were originally supposed to go to Gall but the tracking numbers were sent to my email and indicated my address on the shipment; so we wait.

It was requested that I bring some other items with me this time too and I have to round those up while I'm waiting. Since DW's race is still clicking and since his bobbin case/bobbin is extremely hot when I take them out to change them, they want to investigate why this is happening...because this should not be the case. Warm, yes. Hot, no.

Since I'm kind of in limbo for the day, it'll be a crap shoot on what I accomplish. Probably not much since my nerves are kind of shot. Jason and I did not get along very well on the phone Monday and I feel like he's really pissed off about this whole situation. And I feel like he's directing this all at me.

I've been able to reflect on the Monday phone conversation for a few days now. Both he and Cathie (from HQ) kept telling me what to do (or what I should be doing) rather then asking me what I had been doing. They assumed some things without getting the lay of the land (like telling me the looping thing is strictly upper tension without asking what had been done with that upper tension thus far).

I am so beyond frustrated with all of this and I know Jason is going to be a dink today at some point; he generally can't talk to me for any length of time without doing so. I feel like I need to take another person with me just as a buffer...and to calm me down and not punch him in the face if/when he talks down to me. Thank goodness I'll be dealing with Mike more then with Jason. Mike is a sweetheart and is very patient with how he explains things. At least I hope so anyway since he'll be doing most of the work this time around. Wish me luck!


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  2. I'm soooo glad that I'm not in your shoes... or Jason, for that matter. At this point, I think maybe you should consider painting DW yellow and re-naming him LEMON. Good luck today... hope SOMETHING for the GOOD comes out of it today.