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Friday, November 11, 2016


Life has been a roller coaster lately. Good News. Bad News. Life as we know it.

The bad news:

Jim lost a cousin yesterday  and we have a long and lengthy day ahead of us probably Monday. No news yet about the funeral, but the family is assuming it'll be Monday.

HQ called last night and they can't seem to find the open ticket on my broken tablet. I need to call them later today (when they are open since they are three hours behind us) and get that rectified.

I have to work the next two days: 10-6 today and 8-4 tomorrow.

The good news:

Despite having spent Wednesday away from the studio up north with mom, I actually managed to be a little productive in here yesterday.

Jim calls this one "Cross-eye'd Stripes"
This quilt will be for sale.

I've also managed to load and start the Zebra quilt. I had a pic of it on the long arm, but my photo doesn't want to seem to download this morning.

DW and I are still working out some issues, but I think we're getting there. Looping still continues if he gets too much oil, but he makes a clicking noise if I don't oil him enough. I need to find that happy medium to make both of us happy.

Off I go to work so it'll be a few days before I get back at it again.

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