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Saturday, November 12, 2016


And, I don't have to work after all. The funeral a co-worker was to attend was what I was covering for today, but she informed me she didn't need me to take her shift today. So...

...I get to play at home all day.

I was going to head to Holt to sew with the ladies for a mini one-day retreat, but Jim ended up getting today off too, so after getting our hairs cut this morning, I decided to stay at home so we could have a day to ourselves. Everybody thinks we're working today so it'll be peaceful at least for a while.

Here's my zebra on the long arm. It finally came through my cloud.

Lots of thread going into this one
Dale brought in the library raffle quilt in Thursday night . It's so pretty that I just had to share.

Raffle Quilt for the library
And then this one was too cute not to share as well. The girls made this for the Christmas Bazaar.

Toy land quilt for Christmas bazaar
I wasn't involved in construction/completion of either of these, but I wanted to share what some of the other girls do in our guild for our community. Plus, the quilts are pretty awesome.

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