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Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Sad News

I received a post sometime in the past 12 hours or so. Fellow quilter/quiltmaker, Jamie Wallen, had his trailer stolen out of the hotel parking lot where he was attending the Houston Quilt Market and Festival in Houston, Texas. It just makes me so sad and mad both because most of Jamie's life was in that damn trailer.

What's even more devastating is that he had customer quilts in there too that he was going to be delivering. They authorities are estimating the value of the contents at over $125,000.

I hope with the upcoming election, things in our country will start to change. We need change. We need accountability. We need to identify and punish those who take from others who work so hard to get where they are. Ugh, this is just so frustrating that we can't help from this end of things.

Okay...enough negativity.

Chris is on his way back over here to take another crack at DW's issues. We contacted Gall to set up an appointment to sit down with Jason about this machine, and apparently he's out of the shop until Monday, but Chris isn't giving up the ship quite yet and is willing to try some more things today. At least I feel like somebody cares about this situation I have here.

I just hope Jamie has as many people there who care too!

On another positive note, the customer (Rebecca) who had me do her Stitcher's Garden quilt picked it up Sunday afternoon and she loves it. I'm so glad because it was a struggle to get completed given what the long arm is doing of late.

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