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Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Feeling Great!

The past two days have resumed a "normal" set of days in the studio. Slipping back into the groove was/is so freeing and missing it is the understatement of the year.

This came off DW yesterday evening (and he's running beautifully I might add):

Susan K's Disappearing Pinwheels with Hip Hop Quilting
I then promptly loaded another quilt onto the frame and now this is what DW is wearing. I'm waiting for Cindy to get back with me about whether she wants to incur custom quilting costs on this because I have some ideas about what to do in each block rather then an overall E2E design.

Cindy V's Windowpanes
While waiting for Cindy's Percocet-induced response (smiley face), I started chipping away at this very lengthy project: Getting all the 3 1/2" blocks together to make the blue section of the outer border.

365 Day Block Challenge in progress
And this isn't all of it. All those tan/white/light blue blocks I'm making right now will be added to the outside of the dark blue blocks I put together last night. And...there's still one more 12 1/2" corner block to make (which usually takes all morning to do). After just peeking at today's BOD...that's the one I have to tackle before heading off to work later this afternoon (because I still haven't heard back from Cindy on her quilt). Ta-Tah!

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