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Sunday, November 13, 2016

Another Day Off

Yesterday was productive. Well, sort of.

After doing my BOD, I fired up DW. I started with the usual checking my stitches on a test piece of fabric before diving into whatever I'm working on. Loops. Rethreaded. Loops again. Rethreaded and cleaned out bobbin case area. Loops. Continued working my way through the machine and never came up without loops. I. Want. To. Cry! I mean sit on the floor, cover my face, and bawl like a baby.

I thought we had a handle on this thing and now it's looping just like it was before. I turned the machine off, walked away and didn't look at him the rest of the day (or at least ignored him pretty well since he does take up half the studio and is too large to actually not look at).

I got my Christmas Tree quilt into rows and will finish it up next Friday at sew in. I had Jim put up the rag quilt pieces while I was creating a dolly quilt with the leftover pieces from the Christmas Tree quilt. Here's what I created.

Doll Quilt
Don't judge my piecing on this one. I was trying to work through set-in seams while putting it together (because the pieces were cut in that way from the Christmas Tree quilt). I don't have much experience with set-ins and I'm thinking it turned out okay.

At any case, after about 7:00 I called it a night. I have an email into one of the HQ techs in Utah, and Mike has been put on alert at Gall. They both know this machine is not stitching correctly. I should probably call Chris at Friends as well and let him know we have not yet solved the problem with what we've installed/corrected thus far.

It's so frustrating to have this very expensive machine here that right now, is basically useless. What's even more frustrating are the hoops I'm having to jump through to make it right. This is where the crying part comes in. I don't know where to turn and I feel like I'm having to put in a lot of effort for something that just isn't my fault. Ya know?

I have plenty of other things in here to keep me occupied so I'll focus on those for now, otherwise I may not be responsible for my further actions.

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  1. not again!! oh geez ... makes ya want to spit nails and build a battleship... :(