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Thursday, March 5, 2015


The mystery project I've been working on requires a LOT of filler quilting. Since DW was otherwise occupied, I decided to do the filler on Mike.

The filler I chose was pebbling since I love to do pebbles. After sitting in my chair for four hours, decided I probably need to a) get a new, more ergonomical chair, or b) don't sit in the chair for two hour stints without getting up and moving around.

Even with my identification of bunched up muscles after the first two hours, getting up and stretching didn't seem to help much after hour number three, three fifteen, three thirty, etc. Maybe just doing the filler in smaller segments might be an option??? But hey, when you're on a roll, ya wanna keep at it.

I spent the rest of the day/evening on DW because I could stand, move around, bend, and all sorts of other less constricting formats to accomplish long-arming.

Cleaning the house is a drag. I'd rather be in here. This entire morning I've spent cleaning the house to prepare for our departure tomorrow and have just now gotten in my sunny work's nearly 11:00. Ugh!

No pics today (sorry, I don't want to reveal my mystery thing) and since we leave tomorrow, this may be my last blog for about a week (insert sad face). TTFN and until next week...happy quilting.

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