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Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Feeling Kinda Sick

I think we brought back a bug from who knows where. Getting enough to drink yesterday seemed to be an unreachable goal. My throat seemed to be getting scratchy and I ache all over. Despite this, I could not pull myself out of the studio. It just seemed too good being here to let a little sickness get me down.

Under the Bigtop came off DW and here it is.

Under the Bigtop
I looked over the little wallet pattern I purchased in Brighton and decided that could be done on small project Sunday.

Seemingly getting worse as my time in here progressed, I resorted to doing something I couldn't mess up too bad. This is DW's new attire for a few days. I had just basted down the edges and decided on thread color when Jim returned home from work.
Baby Repro Hearts
While this is just a baby quilt, I have class tomorrow (which I didn't know about until I was loading this top last night) in Portland. Today was spent getting fabrics for my next project and playing around with mom in Hastings.

Thursday I'll work on this top for a bit and then must start pulling down the quilts for the show since most of them are hanging here in the house. I'm sure I'll need to throw them in the dryer for a dusting and then will need to get them organized for delivery.

Friday I have to be at the library most of the day to help sort and hang, and to set up for sew-in Saturday and Sunday. Still don't know what I'm doing during sew-in but want to make it simple. Maybe I should pick up a charity project on Thursday night at guild to work on?!? I have the project I was working on two months ago, but it's kind of complicated and I'm not sure it's the right one to take while socializing with show attendees.

Blogging will be minimal again for this time period because of what's on my plate. Not much in here will be happening so we'll take another five or so day hiatus until I have more to report.

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