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Monday, March 2, 2015

Little Birdie

Since making this little guy, I have the song "Little Birdie" sitting in my head from the Charlie Brown Thanksgiving (or maybe it's the Charlie Brown Christmas?) movie.
Little Birdie
He's a prototype for a mystery row for a mystery person in our guild. I can't say anymore but this was about the extent of my quilting yesterday.

I was also on the phone with our guild president regarding our submissions for the AQS Challenge. We discussed a number of things and I have to make a phone call later this morning to clarify one of the rules we are confused about.

Today brings us another brisk, sunny day and I have a lot to do before leaving Friday afternoon. The mystery row has to be made, Jens row has to be designed and then made. I have finally settled on something for her, and as much as I would like to make it more intricate (she's kind of like that), it just isn't going to happen with the time/colors/parameters given.

I have to contact AQS and then make some local phone calls to exchange the information I received from them, and then maybe, if time permits, I can do some long arming. Think I can do all of this today?

Oh, and I have to get my challenge quilt ready to deliver on Thursday night with needed information AQS will have to have for submission.

That's just the quilting end of things. I love being busy! Yeah!

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