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Tuesday, March 3, 2015


I love my husband! He's my life and I put him above everything else. But, it's nice when he's doing his thing (driving his big truck) and I do mine. Yesterday, after he left for work, not only did I get everything done I listed yesterday, but even more was accomplished.

Both row by rows are completed. I don't think the girls check out my blog, so I can probably put them out here safely.

Row by Row for MJ and JM
After the rows were completed, I needed to do some guild homework. Dale wanted us to pick a traditional block and re-color/rearrange it to make a new block x 3. Thankfully, I have a software program which allows me to do this rather quickly and was able to knock it out easily enough.

I had some more paperwork to do too. I had to log in Jen's journal and get her fabrics all packed back into her tote. I needed to decide which of my quilts would be entered into our guild quilt show in a few weeks, and that was probably the hardest of all my tasks yesterday.

All charity quilts thus far need to be entered. All challenge quilts from last year needed to be included also. I wanted to include some smaller "art" pieces and since I have done so many this year, included a handful of those, which basically left me with about four of my own to throw in there. 16 total entries for me this year. I certainly could have added many, many more but this isn't about me.

After I checked in with my man to see how his day was going, I still had some steam and headed to DW. I'm playing with a new motif called the meandering feather. I hope you can pick it out from this crappy photo.
Meandering Feather in the Bargello Charity Quilt
This is yet another charity quilt so change my numbers above to 17.

I'll get this bargello off this morning and bound up and then rummage around in the spare room for the next one to load. I have no clue what I'll turn up, which is sort of like Christmas and unwrapping presents.

How can it be sleeting outside when the temps are at 25? It'll be a miracle if we don't lose electricity. I think Old Man Winter is fighting back hard but hopefully he'll let me play in here for a while.

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