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Monday, March 16, 2015

Hello Studio!

I've missed being in here!!!!!!!

We arrived back from Cali around 3 a.m. on Saturday morning. The other kids had come out on Friday night and so Lily had everybody awake by 8:30 a.m. Too tired to do much of anything after the kids left, spent the remainder of Saturday laying around, doing laundry, unpacking, and reading, reading, reading.

Sunday we needed to attend a quilt show in Hastings, visit my mom, and then get some much needed groceries. We arrived back home around 9:30 at night; too late to work in here again.

This morning greeted us in a beautiful early spring way so cleaning up the yard and the garden was a first priority. Just before lunch I called it quits for outdoor work. More was done then planned and until we are free of frost we are pretty much caught up with the yard for now.

Our guild quilt show is this coming weekend, as is our sew-in weekend (we do them together because show attendees seem to like watching us work while they look at our pieces), so I need to prepare for that at some point.

While out and about around the country about all that was completed were hexagons. 98 more to add to the collection. Oh, and my Dale "homework" of building new blocks out of old traditional blocks. Jim actually helped and made a few of his own, so we have a good start.

More hexagons from our travels
Jim and I mistakenly stumbled upon a quilt shop in Brighton called Creative Quilt Kits Quilt Shop. Lots of precuts, kits, and patterns. Fabric was plentiful as well and the staff was very friendly. The shop is open and airy; not at all cluttered, and their prices were pretty decent. I picked up a few things to do and will be returning there soon.

I think today I need to get my head wrapped around where I left off over a week and a half ago.

1)Under the Bigtop is still waiting to be finished on DW, although not much is left since I actually did a little bit Friday before we took off.
2)My "mystery" piece is also unfinished (quite a bit yet to do on that)
3)I signed up for (another) Angela Walters class on Craftsy to play around with.
4)I picked up a wallet pattern and fabric from Creative Quilts
5)Also found my stabilizer I was looking for to make a sample for Quilt U (if a make it/take it gets voted on).
6)Quilt show
7)Sew-in project and tomorrow I'm going to Hastings with mom to pick up my batiks for my next Judy Neimeyer piece.

So much to do...good thing it's only 2. :-)

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