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Tuesday, March 24, 2015


I have two markings on the top leader on DW. One of the markings was there from when DW was a demo model at the shop where he was purchased. I'm not sure why it was there, but sometimes I mistake the mark for my centerline when pinning the tops during loading. This is one of those times.

What's wrong with this pic?

Somethin' ain't right!
The top extends beyond the backing and this is a problem. Thankfully it's easily correctable by merely unpinning the top and starting all over again.

Now we got it right. 
Here's the newest DW line of clothing. This is a BOM from 2013 for the Sugar Block Club by Amy Gibson. This quilt was constructed out of pieces and parts left over from another project and it was at the way bottom of the pile of tops I dug through yesterday. A lot of pressing was needed to get those wrinkles out before loading.

As far as that leader mark goes, I have corrected the problem and now I only have one mark to worry about, so in the future this mistake should no longer occur.

After long arming for a while I moved on to another project I've been working on called Arcadia Avenue. Somebody from Quiltville posted a pic of her three blocks completed so far and it was instant love. I had to have the pattern and found one on sale at Connecting Threads. Gotta love those bargain finds! I have cut all the fabric out for each block (which is what I've been doing to fill in the quick bursts of quilt time I've had in the last week) and started sewing yesterday.

The quilt is totally paper pieced hexagons with a modern flair to them. I'm using all solids in every colorway to include the lights, mediums, and darks throughout the blocks. It's supposed to be a BOM but I'll just work on mine as my moods strike.

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