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Wednesday, March 4, 2015


I felt like I was slogging in mud yesterday. I accomplished as much as I did on Monday, but it just didn't feel like it. Probably because the winter snow/sleet/rain storm outside was making me feel so groggy.

The Bargello for Charity came off the frame,  binding was added, and now only needs a label. Actually, all of the charity quilts need labels but I'm not going to worry about that for the time being.

Charity Bargello
Next up was Under the Bigtop. I've been dying to get this quilt on the frame for a while, and could probably get it ready to put into the quilt show, but (unfortunately) I have enough entries already. Most of the quilt is being free motion quilted, but the large circles are being done with DW's computer. There were two particular motifs I wanted to use and for me yet, circles are a tough lot to free motion.

Under the Bigtop
I love to have embellishments in quilts. If you look at the pic above, you can see there is rick rack around each of the large circles. It adds a certain something to the piece, but I gotta tell ya, working around embellishments while trying to long arm is kind of a pain. Note to self, NEVER embellish, if at all possible, until you have the quilt quilted.

I forgot to mention earlier this week about our shopping trip last Saturday. We spent some time at Gall Sewing to pick up my table for Mike (which we've been waiting for and should have actually came with him when he was purchased). Jim also surprised me with a table for DW. Now I can get some quilting templates and start doing some ruler work! No more winging the ditch quilting and when I really need a straight line, I'll be able to do it! I love my husband!!!

Back to my day: I have a class I'm taking and won't get into any details. It's something I've been trying to pursue for over two years now and just haven't had the right avenue to venture down. I've researched and watched, looked and discussed, and still hadn't come up with the right way to go. This is another attempt at another direction and it's where the remainder of my yesterday went.

Today I'll continue Under the Bigtop, work on my "mystery" project, and probably start getting ready to head to Cali on Friday. All other projects are either finished or on hold until we return so the studio is clean and ready for my return. And, the little kid has a project he needs to work on when we're gone and needs a clean space too.

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