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Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Busy Day

Yesterday started off with some long-arming. I completed the first row out of four on the Sugar Block BOM 2013.

I had some nice sun coming into the studio and thought I better take advantage of it. I switched to my "mystery" project to work out some finer details needed with sufficient lighting. I'm at a stand still with it until I obtain one last finishing element which I hope to get this coming weekend.

After lunch I worked on Arcadia Avenue some more and now have the first twelve sections completed, which will make up the first block (there are twelve sections, and there are twelve blocks total). This quilt will certainly take some time to create!

It was a little after 6:00 when I finished that but didn't feel like putting the sections together yet. All the papers need to be taken out prior to joining them and I just wasn't into doing that last night. I moved along to the charity top I started at the quilt show.

By 7:30 I had that all put together and now need backing and batting, so I'm done with that until those are obtained from our guild.

I noticed the charity top came with pillow case pieces. I hadn't made a pillow case in a while and had to pull up a video to remind me in what order everything went prior to making it. It was getting really dark out when I finally completed it and it was time to call it a day.

I'll long arm some more today. Perhaps Arcadia Avenue will be worked on and the quilt I took off (the Reproduction Baby Hearts) quilt needs to have the binding attached. I'm hand binding and I sewed the front on Monday. It's now sitting in the family room waiting for me to finish. I was going to take it to guild to work on tomorrow, but I think we have a little class Barb S. is giving so that probably won't be an option.

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