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Monday, March 23, 2015

ASQ Quilt Show

Here are a few pics from our quilt show this past weekend. We had about 90 quilts in the show, 171 or so visitors, and a successful weekend for all.

Can you find mine? A Tribute to Joan (who passed away this year)

Betty's Ginny Beyer quilt

Mary Jeans AQS Challenge piece (L for Laundry)

Our 2014 Auction quilt at the church bazaar. Ruth Hodge bought it to keep in the guild.

April's Double Wedding Ring designed by Judy Neimeyer

AQS Challenge Quilts from 2014

Three of my quilts

Many of my smaller pieces and other art pieces from other members...and Katie's head

Barb Smith's beautiful piece

Margaret's MIMQ and my Crumb Cake (and part of Sparty)

Bill and Betsy's beautiful appliqué piece and my Craftsy BOM 2012 QAYG

Just a cool shot

Picnic Challenge pieces from this last summer...and Ethel working hard
Back to normalcy for a few more days. Need to regroup and find out where everything was left off before heading to Chicago on Friday. More details on that later.

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