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Thursday, March 26, 2015

Paper Piecing

I love to paper piece. I love how active I am when I'm doing it (I only do a few blocks at a time so I have to jump up between each fabric addition and run over to the iron, and then run back over to the cutting table); it's kind of like an olympic event for me when working on one. I need that activity since I was so lax during our hard winter this year.

Here's the first block of twelve.

Fly Away
For our guild member who likes to keep track of how many pieces are in each of our quilts, this block alone has 216.

After long-arming for a while yesterday, I continued on with block number two. All the sections are built and I'll put that together today depending on whether I feel like removing all those darn papers or not.

Luckily yesterday, mom called and why I was on the phone with her removed the Fly Away papers to kill some time while talking. If somebody else calls today, we'll put block two together. If not, it'll be here waiting for me.

Let's talk about tomorrow. International Quilt Festival in Chicago, IL! I'm there baby! Taking the bus tomorrow morning and will be at festival all day long. Bus leaves at 6:00 am from Holt, therefore, I will not be blogging tomorrow at all! I only recognize one 6:00 per day and a.m. is not it. It's going to be a tiring day but I'm so excited to be able to go I just don't care how exhausted I'll be.

I think we're doing something fun at guild tonight but no announcements were made at the last meeting (apparently ONE was made during my absence in Cali but nothing has been mentioned since then). Hope I don't need to bring anything special?!?

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