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Thursday, July 21, 2016

We've Seen This Before

It was time to "belly up to the trough" with the long arm. I started working on finding a backing fabric for my paint chip challenge. I thought this would be a good project to test how DW was going to behave and found just enough of this to put on the back.

From the Kaleidoscope quilt
I had to piece the bugger together to make enough of it, but thought it appropriate since I used it for another guild activity we did a few years back.

I also had to piece the batting sections together and then we were off and running. DW sounds pretty good actually. Once in a while (very infrequently), I'll get a quick 'chirp' sound from below, but he seems to be stitching well with only one little thread loop; at least that's all I noticed.

I was having such a good time and forgot just how much I enjoy sitting in front of a blank canvas to create stitching that enhances the piecing I've done.

A little "test" section
I was going to work the computer on this piece, but decided to free motion the whole thing. After working with the test piece I loaded the whole quilt and finished it the same day.

Since I got this done so quickly, I moved along to my big "mystery" project and got another row done before shutting down the studio for the day.

Starting to look like something
Consumers Energy is supposed to be here today or tomorrow to change our meter to a digital version. They asked that all electronic things not be used and this includes most of what I do here in the studio. I need to press and cut more blocks out for the project above so when they do show up, I can just work on the manual portion of this very arduous project. I guess the job will only take then a few hours, so I can get a good amount done while they are here working.

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