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Thursday, July 28, 2016

Lotsa, Lotsa

Yesterday I spent the day pressing customer quilt tops and backings preparing them for a week-long marathon of quilting next week. I need to get some of these done before leaving for camp.

Interesting situation with this top. Look at this border.

The center section of the top is laying flat...the borders are not
Another visual
The two end seams are lined up on either side of the quilt top and this is how much the border is ruffling.

I had to contact the customer and give her some options on how this can be fixed. She opted for me to take tucks into it while I was doing the quilting to ease in the 2 1/4" it's over. I was really hoping she'd let me take the borders off and reset them, but this was an added expense she didn't want.

After I did all my pressing, there were only a few hours left in the day so I started another very small project from Professor Pincushion. Tova is a great teacher and I've been wanting to make a new wallet for some time now. She has a wonderful tutorial on how to do this and although it isn't finished, it's looking pretty good so far.

Today I have class (Stitcher's Garden II). Toni is meeting me there to pick up/drop off another quilt. I have to stop by The Hen House afterwards to get a few items (my fat quarter winnings from RxR for one) and a few patterns she has hidden away for me. Guild tonight after the HH visit for a make and take by my good friend Carol R. before I make it back home.

I'm picking up Caleb tomorrow morning and we are doing sweet corn this weekend, which means probably not much will happen out here (either electronically or in the studio) until Monday.

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