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Wednesday, July 27, 2016

This looks familiar

The offshoot project I've been working on outside of my studio has finally become a reality. I know this is a quilting diary, but a big part of my life is my love for the color yellow. You can almost always find some kind of yellow in my quilts. It's a happy color and seems to brighten up whatever it touches.

When I gave my yellow truck to my eldest son (a promise made to him 17 years ago) for acquiring his PhD, it was a regret-filled moment last October the minute I handed him the title and the keys. I couldn't even look at the truck when we'd go down to visit them in Ohio. I was sad. Very, very sad. But I had to keep my promise to my son and that outweighed my sadness.

However, I'm a person of solutions. Where there's a will, there's a way is my way of thinking. The word "can't" does NOT exist in my vocabulary.

Meet Sherman!

17 Years Later...
Yep, that's our white Patriot (Ghost) there in the background, and we still have him, but Sherman has joined our family now as well.  He's a 2009 Dakota with an 8-cylinder instead of a 6 like the other Dakota. And, he's an automatic unlike the other truck, which was a five speed stick. There are other differences between him and the older yellow truck, but there are a lot of similarities as well.

It's good to be driving a yellow truck again. It makes me happy to look over the yellow hood and it keeps a permanent smile on my face. I'm sure people that go by me wonder just what it is I'm smiling about all the time.

Quilting projects were slacking due to this other little endeavor, but now that he's safely home and we've got that side of things done, I'll be getting back into my quilting groove toot sweet. :-)

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