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Thursday, July 14, 2016

All Okay

My flash and smash went, well, smashing. They called later yesterday to let me know everything was all okay.

After all of that 'fun', I stopped by The Hen House to check in and see if I had picked up my July Amish with a Twist BOM. No, I hadn't.

I tackled that after my BOD and here's the July block.

July Amish with a Twist block
I wasn't really in a quilt-y mood yesterday evening (?????) and started the guild newsletter instead. After I got as much done on that as I wanted to (changing headers/footers, dates, etc.) I was in a rather tech-y mood and decided to learn my new spreadsheet program on Kipp. I started with the BOD sheets I've been using to keep track of the block names and numbers.

After familiarizing myself with a simple spreadsheet, I moved on to a little more complex format by recreating my long arm log.

I keep a log of every (and I mean every single one) quilt I've ever done on the long arm since I've had it. What's really shocking is that I haven't done a quilt since June 1st of this year. I make notes on the log too when DW has to go into the shop or when I have extended activities keeping me away. This is the longest we've been apart since he came home a little over two years ago. I miss him!

While we're on that subject, as of yesterday he's still in Utah, and now he's skipping stitches. JP (the tech working on him) is stumped. He won't send it back until they get it perfect and he has to run some more diagnostics/fixes on him before even thinking about getting him home. Maybe today he'll be shipped?

Stitchers Garden class early afternoon. I'm stopping by the fair to snap pics of all our guild winners. The guild picnic is right after that, so not much will be accomplished in here today. It's just as well. I'm still not feeling very quilt-y. Maybe it's separation anxiety?

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