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Friday, July 22, 2016

At Their Mercy

After I finished my BOD yesterday morning, it was clear we were in for some bad weather...and Consumers Energy hadn't yet shown up to change out that meter. I didn't want to start anything on the long arm because of these two factors so I worked more on my "Mystery" project throughout the day.

After I ran out of one of my fabrics, and decided I needed to run in to get more, I took the paint chip challenge off the long arm and began inspecting and trimming it. It looks like I had only one little loop occur and nothing more. I took another look at it this morning and can't seem to find any additional blips. I think maybe DW is settling back in quite nicely.

Since Consumers didn't show up yesterday, they may yet today. They are very evasive about the time and this is definitely a concern when it comes to DW. I don't want to put a customer quilt on and then have them shut off all my electricity. I supposed I'm going to have to be flexible about this and do some careful planning on who/what quilt I load next.

No pics today since I don't want to post my challenge piece. It's not entirely done anyway since I've yet to add the binding. Happy Friday!

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